TypeR Release Notes for Version 1.2

Version: 1.2
Status: stable
Date: May 12, 2013
Release notes:

  • Beautified toolbar with JQuery UI
    • Replaced text with icons
  • Can pause capture of keypresses - means that your physical keyboard will not work
    • This is automatically launched when opening settings or insert
  • Added settings button
    • Choose whether to show a large key upon hover
      • Supposedly should default to no on a touchscreen
    • Optionally round quotes
    • Set font size, simply for showing (is not retained)
    • Set text direction
    • Set text align, simply for showing (is not retained)
    • Set display language, English or Hebrew
  • Added insert menu
    • Date
      • Year - 4 digits
      • Month name
      • Day of month
      • Day of week - full name
      • The date, formatted according to your computer's settings
    • Time
    • Country
      • Uses geoPlugin if possible, otherwise falls back to the timezone
    • Credit to TypeR and TypeINT
  • The ctrl+alt keyboard has been changed to alt
  • Fixed a bug with pressing shift or alt at the same time as another key (previously shift+h would return י, now it produces H)
  • When copying RTL text, format as RTL
  • Improved paste
  • Allow a preload from the URL - for use with TypeR mini
  • Move cursor by clicking
  • Change method of moving cursor via arrow keys and such
  • Only show exit prompt if text hasn't been copied
  • Integrate documentation with TypeR via the new help button
  • Show loading progress bar