Download TypeR

Starting with TypeR 1.1, we now provide a downloadable version of TypeR that you can run without Internet access! It comes in a ZIP archive which should be unpacked to any folder wanted. To run TypeR, open either "index.html" or "typer.html" in your favorite web browser (double-clicking the file usually works). It may be possible to create a shortcut to either of these files on your desktop.
Warning: Some features may not work correctly, such as the copy button. This is a technical limitation of being a local file. The keyboard shortcut ctrl+c still works.

Download TypeR 1.1 local
Download TypeR 1.2 local

You can have multiple versions on your computer at the same time; simply put them in different folders.
Warning: TypeR local does not update automatically. I recommend using it only when your internet goes down, or TypeINT is down.


These instructions and images are for Windows 7, using Firefox, but the process should almost identical for other Windows systems, and similar for Mac or Linux, or a different browser.
You can click the images to enlarge them.

Step 1

Click "Download TypeR 1.2 local".

Step 2

Choose the "Save File" option, then click OK/.

Step 3

The Firefox Downloads window will appear. Double-click the file.

Step 4

A Windows Explorer window showing a list of the files will open. Click "Extract all files".

Step 5

It is recommended that you choose a place to unpack (save) that you will remember. When you have done that, click Extract.

Step 6

Double-click either the "index" or "typer" file. They will both do the same thing.

Step 7

TypeR will open in your default web browser. Now you can start typing!