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S20toSB (Scratch 2.0 to ScratchBlocks) is a program that converts scripts in Scratch 2.0 to ScratchBlocks format. Click to learn more about ScratchBlocks.

In alpha stage, you must unzip the .sb2 created by exporting to local file. Then, open project.json. Find the sprite, and then the scripts property. Copy it, up until the comma at the end. Alternatively, take a single script, with or without the positioning. Paste into the box.

If you gave it all the scripts, it will parse them all, surrounding each in seperate [scratchblocks]...[/scratchblocks] tags. If not, it won't add the tags.

Some block labels may not be correct, because Scratch 2.0 is alpha software, and is always changing.

Known Bugs

Found a bug that's not on here? Please let me know!

  1. Procedures are often rendered incorrectly.
  2. The option "mouse-pointer" in blocks such as "go to" renders as "_mouse_".
  3. Empty boolean inserts render as "false". Example: <false and <touching [edge v]?>> should be: <<> and <touching [edge v]?>>
  4. Constants are not parsed.
  5. Stage cannot be selected in sprite selection.
  6. Stage monitors appear in sprite list.

Planned Features

Request a feature the same way you report a bug. :)

  1. A GUI - list of sprites in the project on the side, scripts on the right.
  2. Toggle between source and parsed ScratchBlocks.
  3. Give a whole SB2 file, and unzip it.